Wednesday, May 08, 2002

It has been an exciting time here in tropical Florida. Barbara had surgery a couple of months ago to replace her pacer/defib. She has done really well during her recovery. Well, with one exception. We both have caught summertime colds and have been taking a few days off from work to recover. Barbara is almost well but I have been lagging a week or so behind her in my recovery.

Last week while she was home she heard a noise outside our house in our backyard. Going out on our patio she found a man had backed his car down our side yard and was loading our hurricane panels into his car. She confronted him and he said, "Your husband said to come and pick them up!" Of course, she called the police who were here in just a few minutes but he had long gone. The police said that he would sell them for scrap metal for about $30-$40. I set up a security cam that can be viewed here but as my dad said, "that is like closing the barn door after the horse has run away!"

So, now we have had the insurance claims guy out and have gotten estimates from shutter companies to replace our panels. What a hassel. The replacement is costing a hundred times what that guy probably got for them as scrap. We need the shutters down here because of our hurricane season that runs from June through November.