Thursday, May 09, 2002

My virus scanning software, AVG from Grisoft, picked up another infestation of the I-Nimda virus last night. This is the second attack that has come into my computer. The first one created a LOT of infected files, over a hundred. I used a DOS excecutable from the Grisoft site to clean it up that time. That was about a week ago. This morning it found about 12 infected files and was able to clean them up with no problem. I am pretty happy with the AVG software and the nice thing is that it is free. It has saved me a couple of times now and I am grateful for that. This is one you might want to check out. The bottom line is that you need some kind of virus scanning software on your computer or your machine and all of your friends machines are going to be hosed by some nasty virus before you know it.

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