Monday, September 29, 2003

Cool Morning

Woke up to a cool crisp morning. Must be in the low 50's. Just watched the Weather Channel and they said temps are running up to 10 degrees below normal for every area except S. Florida. It is a refreshing change from the hot, humid, and rainy weather at home. We have been helping my dad get his entertainment system rewired and will make another trip to Florence, SC this morning to exchange some stuff we bought yesterday that did not work out as expected. We are having a nice visit with mom and dad but have been very busy doing those kinds of things for them.

The sailing club meeting was nice. Sailing was slow with light winds so no excitement there but the hospitality of the club members was wonderful. We had a lot of fun there talking with the club members and enjoying a fantastic covered dish dinner with everyone. That was their last race of the season and it was a time for some to say goodbye for the winter. I met some people I had gone to high school with and we had some fun talking about people we knew and remembering some of those times.