Thursday, October 02, 2003


The weather continues to bless us with intensely clear days and crisp
cool nights. It has been in the mid to upper seventies each day and
down in the fourties at night. We are enjoying the temperatures and the
low humidity a lot. The heat in the camper comes on a couple of times
early in the morning so we know the motorhome is well insulated. It is
great not having to unpack and pack each time we arrive at a
destination. We have been in SC parked in my parents yard since last
Friday. Today, the installer arrives to put in my folk's new DirecTv
system with a DirecTivo as part of the package. We think they will
enjoy the convenience of the Tivo a lot.

My dad is having his house repainted while we are here. The house is
looking nice in its new coat of paint. They are doing a great job on
the painting.

We have not visited other family yet. We plan on doing that this
weekend. Friday night we are having dinner with a group of my mom and
dad's friends and on Sunday we are traveling to my cousin's house for a
big get together where we will see a lot of the family. Our plans are
to depart next week and work our way up to Virginia to see Barbara's
brother and sister-in-law. We always enjoy their warm hospitality and
have a lot of fun with them. After that we hope to catch the fall
leaves in the mountains and work our way back down to Atlanta where we
plan on visiting my aunt and uncle for a couple of days.

Yesterday we watched a gaggle of Canada Geese in the front yard. We
have been treated to beautiful sunsets every evening. Tried to capture
them with the camera but that never does justice to the real event.
That is about it for now.....more updates to follow.


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