Monday, December 15, 2003

Kitty Hawk 048 (Custom).jpg

Our first day at the Wright Memorial was cold and breezy. This photo
gives you an idea of the thousands of people who attended today.
Transportation was excellent with travel to the memorial on shuttle
buses that pick up at regular intervals along the beach highway. There
is a pickup about two blocks from where we are staying so that worked
out well. We suspect that in those thousands of people there was
probably a high number of pilots based on the conversations we
overheard. All of the people we talked to were either pilots or had
served in the military as air crews. All were extremely friendly and
fun to talk to. We did not get to go in the Experimental Aircraft
Pavillion where the Wright Flyer Simulator is located but will do that
tomorrow. The field where the flight is to take place was still wet and
muddy from the rain on Sunday. I spoke with one of the Emergency
Medical guys and he said it would be completely dried out by Wednesday,
the day of the flight reenactment.

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