Monday, December 15, 2003

Kitty Hawk 043 (Custom).jpg

Yes, it was as cold as it looks. We enjoyed talking with the gentleman
who took this picture for us. He said that he was an aircrew member in
dive bombers during World War II and was also a sailplane pilot. He
told us of flying off Vero Beach, Florida at 10,000 feet at night to
serve as practice targets for the F6-F pilots who were practicing
intercepting them as targets. He said they would fly back and forth for
four hours at a time and that it was very cold. He was waiting for his
wife and grand nephew who had climbed up to the memorial. His grand
nephew was 13 years old and lives in Oregon. He wrote them letters a
year ago and planned to attend. He was laughing that the letters
arrived addressed with only their first names in pencil.

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