Friday, July 23, 2004


I get an endless stream of emails that provide me with entertainment far superior to any soap operas one could watch. Many of them are the personal assistants of powerful people wanting to give me their confidential numbers and email so that they can give me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know you all get those and at first I found them annoying. Now I am beginning to read them for entertainment. I must tell you that I download none of these to my PC since I use a software package called Mailwasher that previews the messages on my internet service provider's server. I use Mailwasher to delete, bounce, or approve for download prior to letting these emails touch my personal machine.

Anyway, it seems that every personal assistant to every powerful person in African and other countries wants to include me in their high finances. I am so honored and feel privileged to be a part of such major transactions. However, I would prefer that they just send it to me as cash in plain, unmarked envelopes without all of the email ceremony in between. I am still waiting for my first hundred thousand to arrive.

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