Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Spent the day installing shutters. I have 16 of our 19 windows covered with our relatively new hurricane shutters. If we evacuate it will be early Thursday morning as I still have a fair amount of work to do in preparing the house. We still have a dilemna as to where to go but it is clear that we do not want to go up the east coast if we decide to leave. All of the forecast tracks show the storm traveling generally up the east coast of Florida but any slight wobble one way or the other could make a huge difference in the impact of the storm on us. One should never take the NHC forecast track as an absolute. That is why they forecast a wide cone of error. We saw what happened with Charley on the west coast when it took a sharp turn to the right at the last minute. That turn was well within the cone of error in the forecast. We are praying to the steering current and Coriolis gods to make it turn to the right soon. South Florida should start feeling some winds from the storm on Friday afternoon.