Monday, August 30, 2004

Hurricane Frances

It is a fact of life. We are nearing the height of hurricane season here in South Florida. We are presently watching Hurricane Frances and all indications are that we are in the danger zone. This storm is reminiscent of Hurricane Floyd that headed right for us here in West Palm Beach but turned at the last moment. The sun is rising now with a beautiful red and orange hue but that only brings to mind an old saying my dad used to tell me. Red in the morning, sailors take warning. We are watching the forecasts very carefully to decide when to activate our escape plan. We decided long ago that if a Cat 3 or higher storm threatened us we would evacuate. We have a motorhome that would not survive such a storm and more importantly we do not want to go through a storm like that since we have the option to escape. We must allow time to shutter all of our windows and take all steps to prepare our home and yard for a possible hit. I will begin those preparations today and work towards being ready for a move before the end of the week. Most of the National Hurricane Center models are showing a turning trend. Hurricane Floyd was the same scenario and we felt like we were standing in the middle of the interstate highway with an eighteen wheeler bearing down on us having been told that it would probably turn at the last minute. Floyd made that turn and we are praying that Frances does too but we will take no chances.

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