Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Local Preparations plus Hurricane Charley Relief Fund

The model forecast tracks for Frances show a slight turn to the right. We are continuing to prepare the house by putting up shutters and planning what we will do. The direction of the forecasted tracks is a dilemna for us. If we evacuate and move the motorhome out of harms way we will have to go quite far to escape the projected track. Moving to Tampa is not necessarily a good thing since they are so vulnerable and with the track crossing diagonally across the state from SE to NW we would still be in harms way in a motorhome instead of in a strong and secure house. If the right turn tendency continues we will consider staying put. We have new and very strong storm shutters and also have a strong concrete roof.

Here is the link for the
Hurricane Charley Relief Fund coordinated by the state. Please help the victims of Charley by going to this site and donating what you can.


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