Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Day 2 Frances Prep

Some good news at the 5pm update from the hurricane center. The track has shifted a bit to the north. I am really tired after two days of moving stuff and putting up shutters some of which don't fit very well. There must be some basic law of the universe that says the last component of any system you are installing will give the most problems. The one door I left until last was the hardest one of all to put shutters on. I also went to the grocery store and stocked up on some food items. The motorhome is ready to go if we have to escape. Since the 5pm report was slightly encouraging I am going to hold off until possibly early morning if we leave. That way I can view the 11pm advisory. Maybe the track will shift a bit more to the north. That would take some of the worst part of the storm a tiny bit further away from us but my mom and dad live in South Carolina and that might be the next target. We had considered going there to escape the storm but it does not seem to be a good idea at this time. This time of the year down here is pretty intense and we are constantly watching the weather. A good sign is that people are taking the threats very seriously now. I can remember when they just brushed them off as not a serious threat. I think hurricanes Charley, Andrew, and Hugo within living memory has made an impression on the public.

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