Friday, September 03, 2004


Yesterday morning, Thursday, we both awoke at 3 am. After checking the latest forecasts and watching the weather channel we made the decision to evacuate. The Mothership was loaded and ready to go so at 4 am we departed the Mothership Base. Driving through Brevard County we listened to talk radio shows and heard people calling in reporting traffic conditions on I-95. At that point things were not too bad and traffic was moving right along. As we approached Daytona the picture changed drasticly and we encountered bumper to bumper traffic. It must have taken us two or three hours to get from Daytona past Jacksonville. Once we were out of Florida things opened up pretty nicely. After eleven hours of driving we are parked in my mom and dad's yard but are still watching the storm.

We now have our friends and family who stayed in Florida in our thoughts and prayers. Our son, daughter-in-law and granddaugher are still in West Palm Beach. Mavis will be working around the clock in the hospital where she is a nurse and Rob and Kailtyn will be in a concrete office building owned by a friend. It is a very secure building. We feel that they are safe. Our friends in our neighborhood, like us, have done all they could do to prepare their houses by putting up storm shutters and moving everything outside into the garage or the house.

My friend Rick went to Home Depot last night and said it was crazy there. He said that there were at least one hundred people in line for any kind of wood to cover their windows and doors.

We have done all we can do at this point and can only hope the storm will weaken so that the damage will be lessened. The latest report says the storm has slowed down to 9 knots and even though it has weakened slightly is likely to restrengthen. The slow speed and possible strengthening is not good. That means the hurricane force winds will last much longer wherever the storm passes.

We are still watching Frances since it could still effect us here in SC as it travels inland. We are prepared to move the Mothership away from the tall trees here if we have to. We would move it to the local Wal-Mart parking lot and lock it up if the weather turns bad here.

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