Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hurricane Jeane

Hard to believe but a FOURTH hurricane is threatening Florida. Jeane has been circling around in the Atlantic as if waiting for clearance from some higher authority to launch another attack on our state. Each forecast from the National Hurricane Center moves the northward turn a little farther west. There is a turn to the north in the forecast but when that occurs is the question. If it follows the latest forecast track it will slowly turn and follow the coastline north towards the Carolinas. Debris from Frances still lines our streets and the piles at the central collection points are huge. Yesterday, we watched the Lake Worth Drainage District remove trees from a nearby canal. They are in a huge pile beside one of the roads we travel each day. I spent some time this morning doing some tree trimming on the orchid tree nearest the house. The general consensus of people after the storm is you are fine as long as you live in a concrete block house with a concrete tile roof and no trees near the house. Oh, and of course, strong hurricane shutters on all windows and doors.