Monday, September 27, 2004

Stormy NightOur choice of Naples for a storm refuge was a good one. Based on our calculations to be ninety degrees to the left of the track this location was the farthest and easiest to reach in the motorhome. We are at Rock Creek RV Resort. We picked a campsite free of trees. We are glad that we did as we were buffeted by gusty winds all night long and are still being hit by gusts as I type this. The wind does seem to be coming in gusts now instead of being a constant force. TV reports show gusts to 50 mph in the Naples area. Watching all of the TV reports we seem to be on the edge of the heaviest rain and winds which is what we had hoped for. The wind direction has shifted from the North yesterday to West and Southwest today. Since the motorhome is parked in a North South orientation we are rocked slightly as the big gusts come through. Even with 40 to 50 mph gusts the movement of the motorhome is not alarming.

During the approach of the storm yesterday we watched the Weather Channel for forecast track reports. After landfall ocurred we switched to the local TV stations for more detailed coverage. We maintained email contact using Bob's Nokia 3650 cell phone when the winds were too high to go outside. We also have access to a modem line in the campground office where we can use the laptop to access email and weather reports. The modem line is also needed to transmit this long entry to the Blog. The problem with the cell phone is having to type using the keys on the phone. This dictates that those emails are short. It is really nice having email access with the cell phone though as we can send updates and status reports to our friends and family in the worst of conditions.