Thursday, July 07, 2005

Definite Delay

Look at the model projections from the National Hurricane Center. Click on the small image at the left to make it larger. These projections along with the fact that Dennis is growing into a major hurricane and the forecast is for him to strengthen further, we are delaying the start of our trip. We think it prudent to give Dennis the right of way here. Since our first stop is in Red Bay, Alabama to visit the factory that built the Mothership this makes sense to us. We doubt that they would be working on our RV in the middle of a major hurricane. We don't like camping in hurricanes either. We decided to give it a day or so to make sure that it does not deviate drastically to the right. We would not like to be up in Northern Florida and then have it turn to the right.

Now we have time to review our check lists. Do some more detailed preparations. Bob also needs to rest from the two days of intense work he has done packing the RV, putting up hurricane shutters, and doing last minute yard work. Maybe this is a good thing to let us take deep breath and fine tune our preparations.

Click Here for Overall Route Map.

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