Saturday, October 29, 2005


We are enjoying a nice mini vacation away from South Florida while the power is being restored there. Interestingly, we are close enough to home that our DirectTV system in the Mothership is picking up the local tv stations from home. We are able to watch the local stations to get all of the latest updates on the situation back home. We are staying at the Dunedin RV Resort, a very nice campground. It is one of the nicest that we have been in with very reasonable prices. If you would like to see more info on our present home click here. This part of Florida is unique for us South Floridians. There are rolling hills and large live oak trees every where. It is really beautiful. This is also an area that has a much higher RV population than South Florida which also means a lot of service for RVs is available. Our only damage, a torn awning over one of our slide outs is going to be repaired by an experienced RV repair guy who will come to our site. Our generator is going to be serviced on Tuesday at an Onan Generator site 25 miles from here. The service will probably be completed on that day but if not the shop has RV hookups and we will just spend the night there and then come back to Dunedin.


Bkcntry Montana said...

Hi, Bob and Barbara. Glad to know that you'll made it fine out of town. That would have been a harrowing experience. I know it would have been for us. Great to talk with you and Barb and to know that you came through the storm relatively unscathed. Hope you'll are enjoying a forced, extended vacation. Now for the workers back home to get your place back to normal. Safe driving. Love, Winn & Donna

BB3 said...

Thanks Winn. We made it back today and as you can read in my latest post, the FEMA guy was waiting for us to start our application rolling for relocation expense compensation.

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