Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cummins and diesels

There are more diesels on the horizon for us consumers. Honda is
developing a high efficiency diesel that meets the new tougher
standards. Volkswagen is re engineering their already incredible
diesel engines. Detroit is also working on them. Right now, head to
head, the diesel wins out over the hybrids in terms of total cost for
the vehicle's lifetime. VW is not marketing a diesel in 2007 but in
2008 they will have them available again. Another advantage of diesels
is that they can run on biodiesel. Ethanol and the E vehicles are a
kind of snake oil solution put together by politicians. Already, the
ethanol problems are surfacing. The alcohol, basically it is just
moonshine, is eating away the seals in pumps and storage tanks. Diesel
has been around for a hundred years and is proven technology. Do you
see any hybrid 18 wheelers?

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