Monday, November 20, 2006

Global Warming Skeptic?

Read the link at the end of this regarding a professor who claims that each of us could make small changes in our homes to reduce the need for the Kyoto Protocol.

We brought our attic insulation up to R30 last week. Part of our plan
to reduce our own carbon footprint. So far, even with the temps
dipping down into the upper 40's we have not had to turn on any heat.
The house is so well insulated now that the heat from our computers,
lighting, stereos, and tvs is enough to heat the house. Last night at
one point the AC kicked in. I had to adjust the thermostat to allow
the temps to fluctuate a bit more. I wonder how many houses are poorly
insulated. Ours, had virtually no insulation in the attic. The
previous owners, an elderly couple, must have paid to have it insulated
because there were traces up there as if there was a token effort to
apply insulation. FPL estimated it to be R2. With the rebate from FPL
this only cost us about $400 to do. If everyone brought their
insulation up to R30 do you know what that would do to our national
energy (oil) consumption? This is a cheap thing to do with major
impacts on your energy consumption (read your monthly electric bill).
Send this to your friends and maybe they will upgrade their insulation
thereby reducing our national dependence on oil. - Alberta - Global warming hot air?

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