Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gridlock on I-95

Yesterday, Tuesday, we awoke at 5am.  My stepdaughter was having surgery at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida.  Our plan was for Barbara to go with her daughter and  her daughter's husband to the hospital with Kim.  I packed to travel to South Carolina to see my dad who had surgery two days before.  All went smoothly and I left Palm Harbor, Florida near Tampa for the trip to SC.  It is about an 8 or 9 hour trip depending on the traffic.  The route chosen by my GPS seemed a good one as all of the roads were good and traffic at that time of the day was steady but not bad.  All went well until I was 20 I26.  I thought that perhaps it was a bad accident but almost two hours later when I reached the bridge the problem was a crack or hole in one lane of the bridge.  They had reduced the two lanes down to one to repair it and that was the reason for the grid lock.