Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Iwhat?

Leaks by Jason Calcanis, ubergeek, have revealed some fascinating aspects of the new Apple tablet, the I?.  With all of the details revealed such as the fact that it uses the Apple Iphone Operating System and many others, it is weird that the name has yet to be disclosed.  I guess Jason had a non disclosure agreement that expired today before the big release at 6pm in San Francisco.  Even the pricing was revealed with options ranging from $599 up to $799 depending on memory and options.  All in all it sounds like the tablet device to beat.  It is reported to be great for reading newspapers and magazines.

Personally, I think that the Kindle will still be hard to beat for book reading.  Why?  One word.  Amazon.  Others also agree saying that the black and white E-Ink used for the Kindle is easier on the eyes.  For me, the enormous library that Amazon offers gives the Kindle a lot of points.  But, knowing Apple as I do I will not count them out.  I am confident that they will have negotiated a block buster deal of some kind with a large book publisher.  That would be the only way they could stand a chance of competing with Amazon and the Kindle.