Saturday, October 27, 2001

Had a neat experience that exemplfies why I find the internet and the web so interesting. I have been dabbling in PHP and MySQL lately. In case you don't know these are programming and database languages. Anyway, I was chatting with a friend who lives in New Zealand (that is neat enough in itself). The funny thing is that his name is Bob Brown too. Anyway, we had a great connection and there was virtually no time delay in our typing to each other. We were using the ICQ messenger to chat (typing to each other) in real time. Turns out NZ Bob is a PHP and MySQL guru. He gave me some great tips and pointers. Well, think about that. I am getting tutored by a guy who is 8,000 miles away almost as though he were next door. This ability to work as virtual teams regardless of the geographic distance between us is what facinates me.

Another project I have been working on is a new approach to scenery generation in the X-Plane flight simulator. I have been working with friends in Norway, Italy, and France on this project. While I have contributed little more than encouragement I have seen the team work and thought processes develop in spite of the distance and the language differences. In fact, I have become very good friends with these guys and yet I have never met them. I have had so many hours of discussions with them that I truly know that they are great guys and good friends. I hope some day to meet them all.