Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Posted the previous entry from South Carolina using my dad's Webtv. Posting was no problem but viewing the updated page was a problem because the updates did not show up. I tried reloading the pages with Webtv but the new entries still failed to show up. Found a Webtv newsgroup that documented this as a problem with certain web pages not showing updates after editing.

Saturday, November 17, 2001

Arrived at Tranquility Base. Parked motohome in front yard.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

I had two machines in my office here at home. The one Barbara used to browse the web was an old 100 mhz Pentium. It only had 32 mb of memory and a 1gb hard drive. I got the idea that I would build a new machine and move my hard drives into it and then take my old 500 mhz Pentium III and give it to Barbara. That is what I did yesterday with the help of my son who is a certified computer something or other. I ended up with a 1.2 ghz machine running a Geforce2 graphics card. XP, the flight simulator, runs beautifully in it and the new card has antialiasing in it. This is new for me and gives a nice smooth look to XP. The frame rate does not seem to be much higher than before but I can increase visibility a lot. I was at the computer store and when I found out that memory was $23 for 256mb I bought enought to make this a 512mb machine.

The next interesting thing is that I when I gave my old 500 mhz machine to Barbara I put a 20 gb hard drive in it and installed Linux as the OS. I must say it is a sweet machine. It is extremely fast, faster than when running Windoze, and ultra stable. The windows interface is called KDE, and is very configurable. I am finding that except for running XP I tend to migrate to the Linux machine. I guess because it is requiring me to learn some new things and I like that.