Sunday, February 17, 2002

Had to reload software on my primary PC after I allowed the resources to get too low which corrupted some files. I slicked it and installed Windows 98 SE clean. Added all upgrades from Microsoft. The system still would freeze after a while. Found an obscure patch which fixed a conflict between the Gigabyte motherboard which runs a VIA chip on it and the Realtek 8029 network card. Get it at if you have the same problem with this particular hardware configuration.

Monday, February 11, 2002

We had five inches of rainfall over the weekend. In Southern Florida February is our dry season. We typically get only two and one half inches of rain for the entire month. I guess this was caused by a cold front that was stationary over our area. The parking lot at work was filled with debris washed out of the landscaped areas. Mulch, wood chips, and other stuff are scattered all over the parking lot. It is just as well that it was rainy since we needed the weekend to recuperate from all the past events that have taken place. Of course, we spent most of the time watching the Olympics which we enjoyed very much. The downhill events brought back memories of Franz Klammer who was a star of the downhill many, many, years ago.

Monday, February 04, 2002

Back home again after a week in Roanoke. Got up this morning at 5:30 AM to be at the Roanoke Airport in time for our 7:50 AM flight back to West Palm Beach. Forecast in Roanoke was for 60 mph gusts and 30 degree temps. Florida was sounding good at that point. Our two hour layover in Charlotte, NC turned out to be much longer due to a delay in the flight we were catchng from their to West Palm Beach. Arrived in West Palm Beach this afternoon amidst a great crowd of other people seeking sunshine. Checked the Weather Channel web site after getting home and there was a 25 mph wind blowing in Roanoke with a 30 degree temp. With the chill factor it would have felt like 16 degrees. Good to be home after a tough week.