Monday, December 30, 2002

Used the email by wireless application on our recent trip to Tampa over Christmas to update an online diary. This thing works really well and is so easy to use. You just send an email to a certain address and the application strips out the body of the email for a diary entry and if you have a lat long in the subject line it creates a map of your location. As an RV traveler this thing is great for keeping family and friends up to date on your travels as well as your location. I would think this would be popular with the RV crowd. Use the travels link on the left sidebar for an example. Oh, I forgot to mention that it also sends an email when you send an update to all addresses in a list you create.
Recently accepted the fact that Windows 98SE is a high maintenance OS. I purchased a copy of Diskkeeper, (because it seems to run nicely as a scheduled defrager), and I run it every night. I also run scandisk everynight as a scheduled job. In addition, I run AVG virus scanner as a scheduled job every night. Since I have started doing this I have had few problems and my system has been running without complaints now for months.