Friday, January 31, 2003

Flew to Jacksonville on the 29th. Our attempts to locate the building where our meeting was held are illustrated on the image at this location. This is our GPS
track superimposed on an aerial photograph.
Starting with version 1.2 of mozilla, a bug was introduced into the
"fast load" (startup) feature, that can cause mozilla to freeze,
usually when you try some action such as sending email or printing a
document. If your browser freezes, the first thing you should do is
kill the browser and try again (just in case it was a one time
thing). If it still freezes, try removing the fast load file as

1. Quit (or kill) mozilla.
*On UNIX systems:*

*rm ~/.mozilla/*login*/*XXXXXXXX.slt*/XUL.mfasl*
where *login* is your login name and * XXXXXXXX.slt* is
some random directory name ending in .slt that you will
need to determine by looking in ~/.mozilla/*login*

*On Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 systems:*

Delete the file U:\.mozilla.w2k\User\puegzo40.slt\XUL.mfl

3. Start mozilla and try again. If it still does not work then
you should start over with fresh mozilla preferences. How Do I
Start With Fresh Mozilla Preferences?
Click here to find out.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

See Photos Below Text

Just got back from a great weekend in Jacksonville where we met my mom and dad and celebrated their 83rd birthdays. We stayed at Kathryn Hanna Park. This is a city park that is an exceptionally beautiful place. It is located in a dense live oak forest but is right next to the ocean. It is one of the finest campgrounds we have ever stayed in. It is close to Mayport, Florida which is a small fishing village right next to the Mayport Naval Station. I was stationed at Mayport briefly in the 60's when my ship was there for some repair work. We had some great seafood dinners at the local restaurants in Mayport where you can eat and watch the ships come and go right outside your window.

It was too cold to fly kites or do much activity outside but we had a great time exploring and eating seafood in Mayport. We ate lunch one day next to a table where a local author Bill Reynolds was signing his books. We did not know who he was until they left and the waitress told us. We bought his book in hopes of seeing him again to get him to sign it but no such luck. After we got home I did go to his web site and sent him an email which he replied to graciously. Mr. Reynolds said that if we were in Jacksonville again he would be happy to meet us and sign the book. By the way, the book, Jetty Man, is a very good read if you like southern gothic novels. Check out his web site at .

We took the St. John's Ferry over to Fort George Island where we watched kite surfers for a while. The bay at Hugenot Park on Fort George Island is a perfect place for kite surfing as it is shallow and protected from the wave action in the ocean. After that we returned to Mayport Village for a seafood lunch and then back to the campground.

Here are some photos of the area:

Park Entrance


Park Road

Too Cool

Shrimp Docks in Mayport

Captain Ray's Museum

Singleton's Seafood

On the Ferry

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Now this is interesting. I LOVE my TIVO. Sounds like they are going in the right direction. Read this:

TiVo makes a new play as hub for high-tech living room
This is the coldest morning yet here in West Palm Beach. It is 47 degrees right now early in the morning. That is a bit nippy for us. I am posting now with this package called Bloggar. Nice because you can create your Blog entry offline and then upload it when you get a connection to the net. Am I planning for retirement and traveling about in the motorhome? U betcha. You can get it at Bloggar Web Site