Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Glider for Sale

Bruce and I decided to sell our Russia motorglider since neither of us seems to have time to use it enough to justify it. The link on the left, "Glider for Sale". has all of the pertinant information. The little ship is very nice, easy to handle on the ground, a joy to fly in the air and almost new. Someone will get a very good deal on it and I know they will be very happy with it.

Search Index

Just tweaked the indexing parameters for my web site so that the search engine is more effective. In the past the search engine was only indexing part of the site and now it does a better job. If your previous searches did not produce the results you hoped for then please try again. I think you will be more pleased with the results now.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

My neighbor and friend is having a new pool installed. It is an all fiberglass pool and was delivered a few days ago. It was really interesting watching the crane lift the pool over his house and into the backyard. It is going to be a really beautiful pool that he and his family will enjoy for many, many, years. Take a look at the photos by clicking here. The crane operator placed it within 1/2 inch of the correct location the first time. The workers adjusted it so that it is precisely in place and perfectly level using survey instruments. Quite an operation!

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