Monday, August 25, 2003


Just drove across Howard Franklin Bridge in Tampa Bay going east to west. As we crossed the Bay we observed a waterspout form off to our right or north of the causeway. Of course our camera was in the other car. We could see the rotary spray on the surface of the water and the a long thin funnel snaked down from the cloud to the spray on the water. For a few minutes we were priveleged to witness a perfect watersput until we drove into the heavy rain of the storm.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Blogging with my Sidekick

This post is using the browser interface with my T-Mobile Sidekick. In some ways this is better than my laptop since the connectivity is more universal and widespread. The WIFI coverage for 802.11 is not as universally available as the Sidekick's GSRM technology. There are some limitations but the ability to update a blog from anywhere at anytime is really useful while maintaining a travel blog. I am typing this from the rear seat of a car while traveling.

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No walk on the beach

This campground is right across from the beach so yesterday I went for an early morning walk. It was beautiful befoe the sun got high. Birds were everywhere. I saw pelicans, Great Blue Herons, Great White Herons, pelicans, and many other species of birds. I walked to within a few feet of a Great Blue Heron who was completely unafraid. I was surprised at the number of people strolling or jogging on the beach at 6:30 in the morning. There is a real family atmosphere on the beach here on the west coast with lots of cottages and public beach access.

This morning I will not go for a walk on the beach as I hear very heavy thunder on the Gulf. I am too aware of the danger of lightning even when the storms are 10 or 15 miles distant. South Florida, and particularly the Tampa area has more lightning activity than any place in the world so I will remain in the safety of the Mothership this morning.

Looks as if the tropical depression that was headed for South Florida had a lot of it's energy taken away by the mountains of Haiti. We have been keeping an eye on it to decide our travel strategy next week. If it strengthens and continues towards West Palm Beach we will add a couple of days to our stay here or perhaps even head north. If the storm strengthens and poses a severe threat my friend and neighbor offered tp put up our storm shutters to save me having to leave the Mothership to drive home for that task.
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Friday, August 22, 2003

Report from the Mothership

The Mothership landed in Indian Rocks Beach a few days ago. Our crew has made forays into the local envioronment each day. We visited Ybor City a couple of days ago where we enjoyed the wonderful exhibits of freshwater and marine envioronments. Last night we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate our daughter Kim's birthday. Today we begin to strategize how we will cope with a developing tropical storm down south of Haiti. The forecast track seems to point right at West Palm Beach. Do we keep the Mothership parked here on the Florida's west coast and send the reconnaiscance module to that sector to secure the home base? Time will tell as we watch the storm's progress. Updates will follow.

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