Monday, September 29, 2003


Cool Morning

Woke up to a cool crisp morning. Must be in the low 50's. Just watched the Weather Channel and they said temps are running up to 10 degrees below normal for every area except S. Florida. It is a refreshing change from the hot, humid, and rainy weather at home. We have been helping my dad get his entertainment system rewired and will make another trip to Florence, SC this morning to exchange some stuff we bought yesterday that did not work out as expected. We are having a nice visit with mom and dad but have been very busy doing those kinds of things for them.

The sailing club meeting was nice. Sailing was slow with light winds so no excitement there but the hospitality of the club members was wonderful. We had a lot of fun there talking with the club members and enjoying a fantastic covered dish dinner with everyone. That was their last race of the season and it was a time for some to say goodbye for the winter. I met some people I had gone to high school with and we had some fun talking about people we knew and remembering some of those times.

Sunday, September 28, 2003


We have had warm weather for the first two days here in SC but the
weather is changing. The winds are shifting around to the west and
weill continue swinging until they are northerly. The forecast is for
temps to drop to near 60 tonight and tomorrow night down to 49. Next
week should be ideal with daytime temps in the low to mid 70's and
getting down to the 50's at night. It is a beautiful clear and sunny
day here at Tranquility Cove and we are enjoying being away from the
hustle and bustle of the South Florida urban area for a change. We plan
on hanging out here for a few days and then working our way on up to
Virginia where we willl stay for a few more days.

A Slow Race


This is the last race of the season and now wind. Very light air so the race was slow. The evening meeting and meal was great with good fellowship and food. We appreciated being invited as guests to the Jimmy Snyder Sailing Club.

This flower is on a bush right by my mom and dad's back door. It is called a Confederate Rose. I think it is a species of Hibiscus.

Friday, September 26, 2003


Here is a snap of my dad's grapevines.

This view made the drive worthwhile. This is the sunset from my mom and dad's front porch.

This is our trip plan for today.

Interesting Night

While driving through rush hour in Jacksonville we started selecting our landing site for the night. Our campground GIS on a CD rated Hance's First Florida very high. It is in Gross, Florida. Upon entering the campground we were presnted with a clean, well maintained site, with all concrete roadways and roads. Upon setting up, as seen in the previous photos, we settled in only to lose power in the mothership. A short trip to the office and we learned that the plugin for that site, number 13, had had troub le in the past. Switched to the other plugin in the box and all was settled. So, we went to bed nice and cozy listening to the frogs outside and at 2 am were awakened by an extremely noisy and strong electrical storm. Once that passed all was well and the frogs started up again lulling us to sleep. This is a really nice campsite and is on our list for overnighters near Jacksonville. Twenty one dollars for the night and we slept in comfort in our own bedroom. Today, we have a two hundred and fourty mile hop to my parents house where we plan on staying for a few days. Stay tuned for the next transmission from the mothership.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Image(12).jpgUnderway with the mothership and the escape pod.

Is this one of those hanging chads?


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Be sure to check the Mobile Blog link in the left side panel for the latest photos. I am using my new Nokia 3650 camera phone to update pictures there using my free picture Blog at . You can subscribe when you go to the link to be notified when new photos are posted.

Sunday, September 21, 2003


The link below takes you to some neat optiical illusions. I have always loved these things. You know, the stare at them until they change into something else kind of things?

The latest works

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Airplane from "Never Cry Wolf"

Old Beaver.jpg

Testing a front end to allow posting of images to my blog by email.
This is the aircraft used in "Never Cry Wolf."

Looks like I may not need the TypePad account after all if I can use this to add photos while on the road. Pretty neat. The site is called Mfop2. Mfop2 allows you to moblog without setting up any special scripts on your own mail server. To use Mfop2, all you have to do is register some of your blog details and you will be able to post to your blog from your mobile by emailing your blog entry with images attached to


Picked up a TypePad account last night. 30 day free trial. It is a blogging tool but one neat feature is the ability to update a photo album with a mobile device. Could be a way to share pictures on the road easily when using the Nokia 3650? :-)

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I am completely tomrented and conflicted right now. Why you ask? Well let me tell you. My trusty T-Mobile Sidekick that I love is getting a bit long in the tooth. It works great even though it has some connectivity problems in buildings. But, the camera takes little postage stamp sized pcitures, the IR port does not work at all, but it has that lovely, wonderful keyboard for typing. My conflict is further increased because T-Mobile has a great deal right now on the Nokia 3650 phone that has a super camera, is tri-band (meaning international), plays mp3 files, and is Bluetooth capable. Being Bluetooth capable means it can talk to my laptop on the road which means I could also use the laptop to type messages and then the 3650 to send them. Oh, and did I mention the IR port works so it can communicate with my laptop through that too? The irony is that it has the funkiest keyboard I have ever seen on a phone. Some sort of circular thing designed by a Nokia engineer in a fit of style over function. I will probably call and get one of these babys though because the ability to send pictures that are bigger than postage stamps is very appealing. Oh, and I forgot to mention that on top of all of this an update to the firmware on the Sidekick is due any day now that enhances that device's capability. No, it does not make the tiny pictures any bigger but it supposedly increased the connectivity making that better.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Fire destroys motorbike collection

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Fire destroys motorbike collection This is an especially sad story for those who love old motorcycles. Apparently this priceless collection in the UK was lost to a fire.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

EAA's Countdown To Kitty Hawk

EAA's Countdown To Kitty Hawk is the web site about the re-enactment of the Wright Brothers historic first flight in December. We plan on attending this event of such significance to the aviation field. Read all about it.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Gallery Upgrade

Upgraded the photo gallery software this morning to version 1.4. The new version allows users to display the gallery in various languages. There are some other features but the typical user will probably notice no change. This is a great software package and is FREE. The homepage for PHP Gallery here.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Bob's Moblog

I started a mobile blog at Bob's Moblog Check it out.