Friday, March 26, 2004

New Driveway

Our big project of installing a new driveway has been completed. The old asphalt driveway was poorly designed and did not connect to the camper pad on the side of our house. We used a local company called All-Out Concrete Enterprises, Inc. and they were outstanding. They showed up on time, took pride in their work, and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them for any concrete work as they are very good. You can see the pictures of the project by clicking here.


Just some routine updates. The site has been stagnant for too long. It is 5:30 am. I am up early because the workers are supposed to be here soon to begin pouring our new concrete driveway. The "mud" as they call it is supposed to arrive at 7 am. These guys, All Out Concrete, are the best we have seen in the county. Barbara heard about them while at the dentist office from one of the office staff. Interestingly the excavators they used to remove the old asphalt drive were a married couple who worked together like a ballet team. They came in with big equipment and had the old driveway out in an hour and a half. The old material is being recycled. I thought that was really cool being from the Rachel Carson, Save the Earth, generation. Photos will be posted soon.

Speaking of photos. I added a couple of links on the left. One is for the most recently posted photo in all of my albums and the other is for the most popular. That way you can get a quick view of the latest pics without searching for them. The little photo on the left was added too. It is a link to the most recent cell phone photo that I posted over at a mobile camera blog. A thumbnail of the latest photo will be there.

Lastly, I am working on an electric powered radio controlled helicopter. It is called a Corona by a company called Lite Machines Helicopters. It has been fun building it. It is an very impressive assemblage of hi tech radio components and state of the art motor. Let's hope this old pilot is not too rusty to control those whirling blades in the air. I have been practicing on an RC simulator on the PC. I hope that helps some.