Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Spent the day installing shutters. I have 16 of our 19 windows covered with our relatively new hurricane shutters. If we evacuate it will be early Thursday morning as I still have a fair amount of work to do in preparing the house. We still have a dilemna as to where to go but it is clear that we do not want to go up the east coast if we decide to leave. All of the forecast tracks show the storm traveling generally up the east coast of Florida but any slight wobble one way or the other could make a huge difference in the impact of the storm on us. One should never take the NHC forecast track as an absolute. That is why they forecast a wide cone of error. We saw what happened with Charley on the west coast when it took a sharp turn to the right at the last minute. That turn was well within the cone of error in the forecast. We are praying to the steering current and Coriolis gods to make it turn to the right soon. South Florida should start feeling some winds from the storm on Friday afternoon.

Local Preparations plus Hurricane Charley Relief Fund

The model forecast tracks for Frances show a slight turn to the right. We are continuing to prepare the house by putting up shutters and planning what we will do. The direction of the forecasted tracks is a dilemna for us. If we evacuate and move the motorhome out of harms way we will have to go quite far to escape the projected track. Moving to Tampa is not necessarily a good thing since they are so vulnerable and with the track crossing diagonally across the state from SE to NW we would still be in harms way in a motorhome instead of in a strong and secure house. If the right turn tendency continues we will consider staying put. We have new and very strong storm shutters and also have a strong concrete roof.

Here is the link for the
Hurricane Charley Relief Fund coordinated by the state. Please help the victims of Charley by going to this site and donating what you can.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Hurricane Frances

It is a fact of life. We are nearing the height of hurricane season here in South Florida. We are presently watching Hurricane Frances and all indications are that we are in the danger zone. This storm is reminiscent of Hurricane Floyd that headed right for us here in West Palm Beach but turned at the last moment. The sun is rising now with a beautiful red and orange hue but that only brings to mind an old saying my dad used to tell me. Red in the morning, sailors take warning. We are watching the forecasts very carefully to decide when to activate our escape plan. We decided long ago that if a Cat 3 or higher storm threatened us we would evacuate. We have a motorhome that would not survive such a storm and more importantly we do not want to go through a storm like that since we have the option to escape. We must allow time to shutter all of our windows and take all steps to prepare our home and yard for a possible hit. I will begin those preparations today and work towards being ready for a move before the end of the week. Most of the National Hurricane Center models are showing a turning trend. Hurricane Floyd was the same scenario and we felt like we were standing in the middle of the interstate highway with an eighteen wheeler bearing down on us having been told that it would probably turn at the last minute. Floyd made that turn and we are praying that Frances does too but we will take no chances.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Storm 2004 Hurricane Season: Charley

Storm 2004 Hurricane Season: Charley This is a local link with a comprehensive list of phone numbers and other ways to help the victims of Hurricane Charley.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Volunteer Florida Home

Here is a link with a phone number and information on how to help Hurricane Charley victims. The top priority seems to be donation of funds rather than goods. Please help if you can.

Volunteer Florida Home

Disaster Donations

This is the link to a list of the various organizations that are coordinating donations to the Hurrican Charley victims.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Charley missed us completely here in West Palm Beach but the news from the west coast is grim. Much loss of life and property. The scenes on TV, CNN and Weather Channel, are truly frightning. The devastation is extensive. We got lucky this time but there is already another tropical depression brewing south of us. It is a bright and sunny day as I post this thinking of our fellow Floridians in Punta Gorda and Fort Myers who have lost their homes. I hope they are taken care of quickly and effectively. The governor is visiting the area and I hope they take action to help those folks.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

International Trade Centre

Now the International Trade Centre is giving my name to people so they can give me money. I didn't know there were so many kind and generous people in Africa.


You may be surprised to receive this letter from me
since you don't know me personally,but for the
introduction,I am MRS. VICTORIA NDLOVU,the wife of
Late DR.ONOMUA ANDREW NDLOVU who was recently murdered
in the land dispute inzimbabwe.
I got your contact from the INTERNATIONAL TRADE
CENTRE here in Johhanesburg and decided to write
you.My Husband was among the few black Zimbabwe rich
famers murdered in the cold blood by the agents of the
ruling governmentof President Robert MUGABE for his
alleged support and sympathy for the Zimbabwean
opposition party,controlled by the white minority.
Before his death,he had taken me to to deposite the
sum ofFive Million Dollars US$ 5M.with a security and
finance company as if he knew the looming danger in
Zimbabwe. The money was deposited in a box as
gemstones to avoid much demurrage from the security
This money was earmarked for the purchase of new farm
machinery and chemicals for the establishment of our
new farm in lesotho and Swaziland.This land problem
arose when president Robert MUGABE introduced a new
land act,which wholly affected the rich white famers
and some blacks vehemently condemned the
modusoperand"adopted by the government. This resulted
to rampant killings and mob actions by the war
veterans and some political thugs presently,more than
SIX-HUNDRED[600]people have so far been killed.Heads
of government from the west,especially The Great
Britain and The United states of America have voice
their condemnation of MUGABE'S plan.
The South Africa development community (SADEC)has
continuously supported MUGABE'S new land reform Act.It
is against this background that I and my Children who
are currently staying as REFUGEE in a SOUTH AFRICAN
REPUBLIC but currently seeking An ASSYLUM in any of
transfer my late Husband's money into a foreign
As the only and LEGITIMATE -WIFE of my late husband I
am saddled with the responsibility of seeking a
genuine foreign account where this money could be
transfer without theknowledge of my country's
government who are tatically freezing our
familieswealthback home in ZIMBABWE and The South
Africa government seems to be playing along with them.
I am faced with the delimma of investing this amount
of money in The South Africa Republic for the fear of
encountering the same experience in future since both
countries have almost the same political
history.Moreso ,the South Africa Financial foreign
exchange policy does not allow such investment hence I
am seeking for Assistance.As a business person whom I
must entrust my future and that of my family on his
hands,I must let you know that this transfer is 100%
Therefore if you accept to assist my family,we are
willing to offer you 20% of the total sum for your
assitance,70% for me and my family,while 10% will be
mapped out for all expenses.I would wish to invest in
your country on REAL- ESTATE based on your advice and
I would also receive assurance that you would'nt sit
on this money when transfered into your personal or
company account. If this PLEA is acceptable by you
please do send me your personaldetails,Name and
Address,telephone and fax numbers .You should know
that this business is highly confidential and shall be
kept within you alone.I hope to hear from you soon on
the above email address.
Best Regards,
REPLY TO :hod_20042003@yahoo.com

Monday, August 02, 2004


Hey, another guy wants to split $28.6 million with me.

Dear Sir,
This latter may come to you as a surprise but I am writing it with hope that you will accept my request as I have no international connections and I believe this is going to be a beginning of a sound and long lasting relationship if you accept my offer. My name is Usman Belo, I was born August 16th 1964 in the northern side of Nigeria and I work with Shell Petroleum Company as an engineer. My father is one of NNPC Oil marketer, and he died during a fire explosion in NNPC house Lagos Island in December last year. There is something I want to disclose to you, which no body knows about. This needed immediate attention and I hope you will be of great help and you will also benefit from it. Dr. Smith Paul Clemens an Oil merchant who is late now as a result of an explosion which burnt down NNPC house in Lagos Island deposited the sum US$28.6 Million with a Security and finance company in Europe. He intended to use the money for a payment of Crude Oil with the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) which some document I recovered stated that my late father is the intended person to receive this fund (US$28.6 Million) for NNPC. Based on the recommendation given to me by a friend who made your contact available to me, I develop the confidence that you have the caliber to stand as Dr. Smith, so that you ask the Finance Company to resent the money back to you and we share fifty - fifty. I would forward to you via DHL the original copy of Certificate used to deposit the money and also give you their contact for you to reach them and verify. Please do not expose this confidence I am reposing on you as this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and I do not want anything to jeopardize it. If you want to collaborate with me for this transaction send to me your private telephone and fax number so that I can communicate you to give you the modus oprandi or you can email me with my private mailing address above for more briefing as I wait to hearing from you as soon as possible,
Best regards, Usman Belo Date: 23/11/2003

My Dear

I have lost track of my potential wealth at this point. When it all comes in I will probably have to adapt a completely different life style. It might be hard to adjust to having so much money.

MY Dear

This mail may come to you as a surprise but is borne out of my genuie need
urgent assistance . I prayed over it and selected your name among
other names due to its esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me
as a reputable and trust worthy person that I can do business with
and by the recommendation , I must not hesitate to confide in you for this
simple and sincere business .

I am FLORA COULIBALY the only daugther of late Mr.and Mrs. JOHNSON
COULIBALY . My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan , the
economic capital of Ivory coast, my father was poisoned to dearth by his
business associates on one of their outings on a business trip .

My mother died when I was a baby and since then my father took me so
special. Before the death of my father on february 2003 in a private
hospital here in Abidjan he secretly called me on his bed side and told me
that he has the sum of Ten million , United State Dollars. USD
($ 10.00,000) left in fixed / suspense account in one of the prime bank here
in Abidjan ,that he used my name as his only daugther for the next of Kin in
depositing of the fund. He also explained to me that it was because of his
wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates.

That I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where i
will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose such as
real estate management or hotel management .

I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways:

(1) To provide a bank account into which this money would be transferred to

(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am only 22years.

(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my
education and to secure a resident permit in your country.

Moreover, i am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation
for your effort/ input after the successful transfer of this fund into your
nominated account overseas.

Furthermore, you indicate your options towards assisting me by replying to
me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within
fourteen (14) days you signify interest to assist me. Anticipating to hear
from you soon.

Thanks and God bless.

Best regard


More Money

The offers keep pouring in. Soon I will be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Everyone in Africa loves me and wants to give me money. Here is the latest:

Dear Friend
I am Barrister Ibrahim Bello a Solicitor and also the Personal Attorney
to Enginer Kaith Howard, who used to work with shell development company
in Nigeria.

On the 4th of March 2002, my client were involved in a plain crash accident
along Sagbama Express Road that claims the lives of all, This was sad news
to the hearing of any human being and Since then I have made several enquiries
to embassy to locate any of my clients extended relatives this has proved
unsuccessfull . After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to
trace his relatives over the Internet, to locate any member of his family
but of no avail, hence I contacted you.

I have contacted you on trust to assist me in receiving the money left behind
by my client before the bank he has an account with gets the money confisicated
or decleared his money as unclaim fund following the the bank's policy.
Particularly, the Bank where the deceased had an account valued at about
$7.5 million dollars has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin of
my client or have the account confisicated the next ten working days.Since
I have been unable to locate the relatives for precisely three years now
I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since
you are bearing the same surname with my late client so that the proceedings
of the transfer of the money valued at $7.5m can be remitted to you as the
next of kin for our mutual benefit The sharing percentage is as follow if
only you will be faithfull and honest to assist me, 30% for your assistance
as next of kin 60% for me and the remaining 10% shall be for expences or
taxes as your government may require.All necessary legal document that will
back up your claim of this money will be secured by an attorney on your

All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us see that this deal
comes through. I guarantee you that this business will be executed under
a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law
Please get in touch with me by my ib_be32@yahoo.com to enable us discuss
further step to follow.


Sunday, August 01, 2004

Business Relationship

I just did not know so many people in Africa care so deeply about me and trust me so much. According to this latest one The South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry referred me to Mr. Eric. Wow! This is amazing. Still no money though. Some day soon it will start pouring in from all my friends in Africa. Here is the latest offer:

Mr.Peter Eric
NO 47 Nelson Av,
Partown Johannesburg
South Africa
Dear sir,
I am Director of finance with Eskom South Africa and a
member of the Contract Tenders
Board (CTB) of the above corporation.
Your esteemed address was reliably introduced to me at the
South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry in my search
for a reliable individual company who can handle a strictly
confidential transaction, which involves the transfer of a
reasonable sum of money to a foreign account The amount is
US$15,500,000.00 (Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand
United States Dollars), which was extracted
from various contracts awarded by my corporation. This was
made possible through over-invoicing
of the various contracts ,which were been drafted to
represent final payment for a various contracts that
were executed to the corporation some years back.
The money is now floating in the suspense account of
Federal Reserve Bank of South Africa awaiting claim by
Foreign Partner which status we now want you to
assume,following the presidential directive to pay all
contract debt to personal/company 's account.
In my last meeting with the officials involved, it was
unanimously agreed that you shall be compensated dully and
on your indication to assist us, we shall agree on what
will be given to you.
I assure you the transaction is 100 risk free as we have
concluded every arrangement to protect the interest of
every one involved. Likewise, all modalities for the
successful transfer of this money have been worked out with
the Finance Department and the Federal Reserve Bank of
South Africa to facilitate the remittance of
this money to your designated account.
However. I would want to believe that you are honest enough
and will protect our interest in
all aspect of the transaction, more importantly,you will
keep this transaction very confidential so as not
to tarnish the confidence reposed on these official by the
Government of South Africa.
Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.
Best regard.