Sunday, July 10, 2005

Calmer Weather

The weather here in West Palm Beach has calmed down to more of a normal state. We are worried about my uncle Bill who lives in Fort Walton Beach. None of us have heard from him yet. We do know that he is equipped with one of those big automatic generators that turns on when the power goes out.

As far as our trip goes, we will wait one more day. We plan on calling the RV plant up in Red Bay, Al to determine the extent of their damages. The forecast for that area calls for possible tornadoes and very heavy rains. No need to drive into an area until they have fully recovered. We figure it will take us 2 - 3 days to get there so if we leave early on Tuesday morning it should all work out about right. That will also give us time to double check our provisioning and packing. Stay tuned. We will be underway soon.

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