Monday, July 18, 2005

Factory Tour

The mechanics worked another full day on The Mothership and would have finished except that a part did not arrive in time. So, one more night here at the Tiffin Campground with an expected completion of work in the morning. The main slide out is semi assembled, quite liveable, but we cannot run it out. That is no problem at all and we are happy to be back in our home on wheels.

While The Mothership was being worked on we took advantage of the time and took the factory assembly line tour. It was conducted by a very nice gentleman named "Red" with a great sense of humor. The guy was amazing. His knowledge was encyclopedic and he had to be in his 80's. He told us he had open heart surgery a couple of months ago and was back at work conducting tours a month later. It was pretty warm and it was all we could do to keep up with "Red."

Here are a few photos we took on the tour. We got to see the assembly from the raw chassis to the finished motorhomes. Tiffen uses some pretty sophisticated materials and techniques but very little is automated so it is skilled handwork. Most of the tour participants were owners and agreed that a skilled craftsman produced a better product, when motivated, than a robot assembly line. Enjoy the photos.

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