Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mount Rushmore

We reached Rapid City, South Dakota today. Our first stop was the obligatory visit to Mount Rushmore to see the presidents carved into the side of the mountain. We drove up to the entrance to the parking area as if we knew what we were doing. We had no idea if they could accomodate a fifty foot rig consisting of a 36 foot motorhome with a car in tow. As we paid our fee the lady grabbed a walkie talkie and said, "I have a really long RV with a car in tow." Someone on the other end responded and she told us to take the left lane and somone would meet us in a golf cart. Sure enough as we pulled in right past the main entrance to the park a guy in a golf cart circled in front of us like those "Follow Me" trucks at airports for airplanes. He led us to a parking place and for a moment we were in a dilema as to which we to go. We relaxed for a few minutes with the generator running and the A/C on and prepared to depart on a long hike. As we stepped outside we looked behind us and there were the presidents on the mountain side. We then walked about a hundred yards under a covered parking area where we took an elevator up one level to find ourselves at the main entrance. The Mount Rushmore concession is really setup well as we only had to walk a short distance. We took our pictures including some pictures of a Canadian family who asked us to take a group shot with the sculptures in the background. They did the same for us. We returned to the camper where we relaxed some more and ate some sandwiches. We talked about how amazing it was to be in our own motorhome with Mount Rushmore right behind us.

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