Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On The Road Again

Today we leave our new friends, Jim and Pat, Carol, and many others whose names we did not learn. We have heard stories about their travels and experiences. We also say goodbye to Kevin and Dwayne the two hard working young men who did our repairs. The windshield repairs were done under warranty with no questions asked and that amounted to almost seven hundred dollars. The support and service here at Tiffen Motorhomes is unbeatable. The camaradie in this campground is unlike any we have ever seen. Most likely it is because every motorhome in this location was made by Tiffen.

Yesterday, we drove over to Russelville, Alabama to visit the Super Walmart there. The drive was beautiful through rolling hills. We did our shopping and decided to eat lunch while there. We don't like the usual fast food establsihments but will use them if we have to. Yesterday, we were in luck. We spotted a place called "The Daily Bread Barbecue." That had to be it so we went inside and found Miss Emma Mae was a happy and friendly black lady and one look at the hamburgers on the grill and we knew we were in the right place. There are a lot of stereotypes about Alabama and racial problems but none of that existed here. Customers and employees were black and white and one felt instantly that it was a happy place. We ordered a couple of burgers and enjoyed them amidst the local lunch crowd. By crowd I mean about a dozen or so people. Barbara had boiled cabbage as a side dish and Bob had field peas. The crowd cleared out and as we finished our one slice of lemon ice box pie Miss Emma Mae started singing a gospel song quietly in a beautiful voice. As we paid we found she was seranading her grandson who was sitting next to the counter where the register is located. When we explained that we were from out of town and had driven all the way here to have one of her burgers, Miss Emma Mae explained that the young man sitting behind us was her grandson and that they had just come back from Florida where they had attended his graduation from college and where she had treated him with a trip to Disney World. We congratulated him and he thanked us. A most pleasant and courteous young man.

But, we must leave all of this and search for new adventures. I am typing this at 6AM and will begin breakfast while Barbara sleeps. If all goes well we will be on the road around 8 or 9 AM central time and I will have posted this by logging in on the office phone line. We are very grateful for having traveled far enough west to be in the Central Time Zone because we gained back that hour lost when the country insanely and blindly switched to Daylight Savings Time, a madness we have never subscribed to. Enough rambling. It is time to prepare the Mothership for another flight into unknown adventures as we travel north from Red Bay towards St. Louis, Missouri.

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