Monday, July 18, 2005

Red Bay

Today is July 17, 2005. We plan on having lunch at the most popular local restaurant, Oh!Bryans. It is always packed so we are going to have lunch there today. After that we plan on doing some photography to capture some of the highlights of Red Bay.

There is not much to do in Red Bay. There seem to be few historical sites or geological features of interest. Or, more likely, we have not discovered them yet. The streets are all named after numbers. Fourth St. is the main street and is crossed by numbered streets. I am not sure what this means but small towns usually have streets named after local events or personalities. We did drive around a bit and saw some things we would like to photograph today. One, in particular, is a house with the front yard full of statues of various kinds.

There is wireless internet available at the local Mcdonalds restaurant. So, we have been making trips there to download email since the campground office is not open on the weekends. They have a phone line for campers to use in the campground office. Yesterday, while downloading email we parked next to a really nice Harley Davidson motorcycle. This was not the usual chopper type but looked more like a Honda Gold Wing. A comfortable looking cruiser. A couple came out strapping on their helmets and we knew that the bike belonged to them. Barbara rolled down her window and said, "We really like your bike." The couple turned out to be very friendly and we had a long conversation with them. They even invited us to park our camper in their yard which they said was a large house with big a big paved parking area. She said she was a school teacher and told us, "I don't dress like this except on the weekends." She was referring to her leather jacket and blue jeans. Compared to a lot of bikers they were pretty conservative. They told us that they were going to the big Bike gathering in Sturgis, South Dakota at the end of the month. They asked where our motorhome was parked and told us they knew we were in a motorhome because of the tow bars on our car. It turns out they own a motorhome too and trailer their motorcycle to various locations and then use it to explore.

We met a lady yesterday here in the campground who told us that her husband is a retired nuclear engineer. They are here in a fifth wheel trailer waiting on their new Q40 Allegro Bus. I mention her because of a very interesting thing she told me. They have a full theatre organ in their trailer. Her husband plays it. They instructed the factory to build their new 40 foot bus without a sleeper couch to accomodate the theatre organ. I won't go into the details but will say that she told us their entire life story. This seems to happen to us more and more. It is significant enough that both Barbara and I have noticed that in the last two or three months people have been telling us every detail about their lives. Is it the fact that we have aged to the point that we appear more grandfatherly and grandmotherly? Is it the fact that we are retired and are subliminal signals that we have time to listen?

We have been here four days and we are getting itchy to travel. We are here for a reason though and are going to stay to take full advantage of being at the factory. I have a couple of more things that have been added to the list to be done. Slight modifications to make our home on wheels more functional for us. I would like to have two of our electrical outlets added to the inverter that converts DC to AC to allow us to run the laptop and cell phone chargers without having to turn on the generator when we are stopped without a shore power connection.

We are quite happy with this motorhome. If you ever travel this way you will understand why people love it so much. We have talked a lot with people who are "full timers" meaning that they do not own a house and live completely in their motorhomes. Barbara and I have discussed that and luckily we both agree that even though we love being on the road for months at a time we still need our home base to go back to. We consider ourselves lucky that we can both own a home and a beautiful motorhome like this one. Many of the "full timers" sold their homes and used the proceeds to buy a super motorhome. They are also pretty involved in campground activities and live in one location for a large part of the year. We are not particularly interested in group activies such as line dancing and shuffleboard prefering instead to move about exploring different areas.

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