Monday, July 25, 2005

Sea of Corn

Traveling in a motorhome for an extended distance is much like navigating a ship across the sea. Stopping in campgrounds is similar to docking a ship in a port. Both vehicles are independent when in motion and connect to shore power when stopped. Traveling, as we are, completely across the country requires some similar navigation as well. Tonight we are docked north of severe weather down south in Des Moines, Iowa due to a decision to turn north three or four days ago based on a weather forecast. We are now on the cooler side of a strong cold front that is generating tornado watches south of us. Some luck and some good processing of available data made this happen. The analogy could be carried further as pointed out by my cousin who used to live in Nebraska. He compared the rolling hills covered by corn and soy beans to waves on the sea. It is a good analogy.

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