Monday, July 25, 2005

USGS Data Center

As we often do, we drove around the local area as much as possible after setting up our campsite. Ten miles down the road from our campground we found the Holy Grail of geographic data. This was one of the organizations we often dealt with to obtain satellite or aerial imagery. Click here to visit their web site. A Google search on USGS Eros Data Center reveals a wealth of geographic data available from them. Click here for the results of that search.

We convinced a very professional guard to let us take some pictures. They have public tours and we are debating about taking one of the tours. Both of us are exhausted from staying up late last night talking to some Canadians about their country while doing laundry. We will have to see how we feel today. We may need a day of rest to catch up. It sounds appealing but since I am no longer working in the field and we are more interested in viewing landscapes than analyzing them we may just rest or make a short hop towards the west.

We went into Sioux Falls last night and looked up the brother of Daniel who runs the Mexican Restaurant near our home. Luis, his brother, was very hospitable and we got to meet the whole family who are also very nice. They have very beautiful kids including a one month old daughter. We had a wonderful visit with them talking about the restaurant, family and friends. What a small world. For those who do not know there is a Mexican Restaurant that is near our home that we love. We have gotten to know the owner Daniel rather well and discovered that he has a brother, Luis, who runs a restaurant here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. On the off chance that we might come here we got his name and number. When we arrived at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant here in Sioux Falls Luis was not working but he came in to meet with his and introduced us to his family. We had a delightful visit with them and, of course, a great meal.

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