Saturday, August 20, 2005

DSL Again

It has been very frustrating since we returned home because when we turned our computers on we found that we could not connect to the internet. Well, halleluja we are connected again. It has been an all day effort to do so but now all of our desktop computers, laptops, and MSNTV are connecting at high speed. Why did it take all day? It is a long story but if you have the time I will tell you about it.

Yesterday, Friday August 19th, I spent about an hour or two on the phone with Bellsouth and a helpful young guy in India or somewhere helped diagnose a few things and determined that it would be necessary to send a technician out to the house. A nice young lady named Kate arrived on the scene this morning and spent about half an hour diagnosing a few things only to determine that my old DSL modem had bitten the dust. She got a new Westell DSL Modem out of her car and installed it for me. This one is about half the size of the old one. Then I started tinkering because I had to get my wirless connection running using my Linksys Router. That turned out to be an all day project. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to work. However, I did have connectivity on one computer when connected directly to the modem so I started searching the online resources. as usual provided all the answers. Seems that the new modem has to be reconfigured as an bridged ethernet device to relinquish its built in router functions over to the Linksys router. After following the instructions carefully I finally got the router working. Barbara's computer came online next and then my laptop. Those required a bit of tinkering and configuring since the laptop connects wirelessly and I setup my new wireless network with 128 bit encryption I had to manually enter the WEP encryption key in the setup. After getting that to work I tackled the MSNTV box which turned out to be the toughest challenge. I had been using a Linksys Wireless Game Adapter for that connection but no matter how hard I tried I could not get it to work. I then remembered that it came with a USB Wireless Connector and so I plugged it in. Immediately it asked me for the WEP encryption key and I knew I was in business. I typed it in and, Voila!, we have connectivity on all of our computers and devices. Whew! I don't think it has to be that complicated but a lot of it is because we have a network with three computers and a set top box, the MSNTV, and the network is both wired and wireless. Probably not the typical home computer setup.