Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Eastern USA

We spent the night in Crawfordsville, Indiana last night at a KOA. After being in Canada and the Western USA there are some obvious things we have observed about the east. It is much, much, more congested than the west and that would be an obvious characteristic one would think of just looking at a map. But, there are other differences. Our highway world, that thin narrow strip that connects us to new places, has changed. Instead of RVs and cars with a few trucks we now see mostly trucks and cars. Around major cities like Minneapolis the drivers are as insane and rude as they are in South Florida although that area certainly holds the title for driving insanity. Off the road, as usual, the people here in the mid west as they have been in other areas are helpful, courteous, and polite. We use Walgreens to fill our prescriptions and every single store we have been in has been unusually helpful and courteous. The only store we have ever had problems with and continue to is the one nearest our house at home. They are the worst Walgreens in the entire USA in terms of dealing with the pharmacy. We think it is because their work load is too great for that store.

Today we will pass through Indianapolis as we continue towards South Carolina for a visit with Bob's mom and dad. Then we will start our trip back to Florida for the arrival of our second granddaughter. The trip has been an amazing adventure and the blog postings are just highlights of things we have seen. We have gained a perspective on North America that will require a lot of thought and review to put into words. We have also learned a lot about the technology of keeping in touch while traveling. Surprisingly Bob's cell phone, a Nokia 3650, has been the most reliable internet connection at speeds better than dial up. Using T-Mobile and the phone as a modem for the laptop we were connected almost continuously even while traveling across Alberta and Saskatchewan on the PH-1 Highway, the Trans Canada. It was a delight to pass through a town or by a feature in the landscape with the ability to Google it while driving to learn more. Barbara has become pretty confident driving the Mothership too and that has provided a welcome break for Bob. She drives the big rig now even in heavy truck traffic and crosswinds and does a great job at it.

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