Friday, August 05, 2005

Glacier National Park

So far Glacier National Park is our favorite of all the places we have visited. We drove the "Going to the Sun Road" twice. It must be the most spectacular road in the United States. Every turn reveals a view of incredible glaciated mountains. Towers and peaks that look like they came from a move like "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Steep and sharp peaks of unimaginable beauty. Glaciers in the high elevations nestled among sharp rocky crages. As we drove over the Continental Divide the wild flowers were spectacular. We tried to get photos but they never do justice to fields of flowers on either side of spectacular waterfalls. The road itself is a marvel of engineering and tenacity. It took two years to build it back in the days when the only tools were pick axes and wagons. We just cannot imagine what that was like. Two stretches of the road were under repair probably as a result of rock slides or avalanches. We asked one of the workers if he ever got used to the scenery. He said, "No, it is never boring and it changes all the time."

We drove over to another less visited part of the park called "Many Glacier" where we saw a black bear feeding on berry bushes high up on the side of a mountain. We joined a crowd of people looking at him with binoculars. At the end of the road into Many Glacier there were dozens of people with high powered telescopes scanning the mountains for wildlife. This is grizzly bear country and many people, including us, hoped to see one from a long distance away through binoculars but they have eluded us so far. We think that food is so abundant this time of year in the mountains that they are quite happy in the remote areas. We have seen many deer and innumerable prairie dogs but that is about all.

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