Saturday, August 20, 2005

Home Again

Rewind to Thursday, August 18. We departed Tranquility Cove, my mom and dad's place, about 9:30 AM. Our plan was to drive part of the way, stop in a WalMart for the night and continue on the next day. About 4 PM we stopped in Ormond Beach at a WalMart after calling the store and asking if it was ok. We saw about a dozen signs that said, "No Overnight Parking." We called the store manager again and they said staying overnight was ok with the store but the city of Ormon Beach had an ordinance against it and that we might be awakened by the cops asking us to leave. To avoid that we left and did not stay overnight in Ormond Beach. Continuing south we called the Walmart in Titusville and they gave us the ok. This was only about 60 miles further so we gave that a shot.

Pulling in to the parking lot we located the proper spot after calling and driving around a bit. We finally got parked and started our generator to run the A/C. It ran for a few minutes and then stopped. Seems the fuel line was pulling some air bubbles in around the fuel filter. I worked on it for a bit and it would run but then stop after a few minutes. Looking at the map and seeing that we were only two hours from home I decided to spend those two hours driving instead of working on the generator. We arrived here at the Mothership Base at about 9:30 PM and have been sorting through mail, unloading the camper, and calling our ISP to get our internet service restored. More on that later but for now let's say we are glad to be back home after a fantastic trip.

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