Thursday, August 18, 2005

Homeward Bound

We are on I95 60 miles north of the Georgia/Florida State line. Nice to have this cellular modem on my laptop to post while moving. Great too for checking email. We had a great time at Mom and Dad's in SC and had a chance to unwind from the trip. I need to calculate the total miles we have driven but I can estimate that it is well over 7,000 and probably more like 8,000. It has changed our perspective of distances to travel. The leg from SC to FL seems like a short hop. Based on the patterns we have established on the trip this normally would be a one stop distance. It is just shy of 600 miles from Mom and Dad's to our home. Based on the way we have been driving this would entail an overnight stop along the way. If we do stop it will most likely be a WalMart stop as we have gotten pretty comfortable with "dry camping" after having done it a few times. We realise now that the Mothership is quite self contained and capable of independent dry camping for two days without trying and much longer if we were to use careful management of water and fuel. Well, that is the update for now traveling at 64.4 mph on I95 as indicated on the GPS display.