Thursday, August 25, 2005

Katrina Approaches

Tropical storm Katrina is approaching the coast of SE Florida. Right now the forecast track takes her to landfall at Fort Lauderdale, a good sixty miles south of us. We are getting rain showers and gusty winds. At this point they winds are not as bad as those we get in thundershowers. The core of Katrina is small at this point but she is forecasted to intensify slowly and should be a minimal hurricane at landfall. We are just far enough away to miss the damaging effects of the core winds but with hurricanes one can never be totally certain about what they are going to do. We have our hurricane shutters in place having put them up for our trip out west. Of course, they will remain in place during this storm and probably for the remainder of the hurricane season. I will update the blog if any unusual weather events occur during the day. Landfall for the storm is not predicted to happen until tomorrow morning.