Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Left Minneapolis yesterday. Drove through the center of the city on the interstate in heavy traffic. Continued through cheese country of Wisconsin as we left Minnesota. Heavy truck traffic all the way to Madison, Wisconsin. We decided to dry camp for the night and picked out a WalMart in Madison but when we arrived there it was in a busy construction area with a lot of traffic. We decided to go on south of Madison to Stoughton instead. We looked up the address of the WalMart there and called ahead. Barbara spoke to the manager who said parking overnight was fine. Driving to the store we passed through the center of Stoughton and found it to be a beautiful little town. Main street had Norwegian flags hanging from every light pole. We parked for the night in a corner of the parking lot out of the way of cars and were able to run the generator so that this morning we are watching the space shuttle rentry.

Stoughton, pronouced "Stowton (rhymes with snow)", is largely of Norwegian heritage. That explains the flags on Main Street. We hope to find a place downtown to have breakfast this morning and will take a few photos of this delightful little town. For more information about stoughton click here for the Chamber of Commerce web site. It is nice.