Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Moved to New Hosting Service

Even though you didn't see anything change, I have been moving my web site to a new hosting service over the last few days. I have not been satisfied with the support and service of my exising web hosting service so I searched the web and found an interesting site. It is called Web Hosting Jury. The site turned out to be very useful because it contains rankings by users of web hosting services. People place their reviews on the site and give their service a ranking. I found that the service I had been using, name withheld since I only like to post postive recommendations, was ranked terribly. This is in spite of being recommended by a well known figure from the old TechTV days. I selected a top rated site from Web Hosting Jury and moved my files over to it. The new web hosting service is and you can read their review on Web Hosting Jury here. I can honestly say that my first few days with them have been an extremely positive experience. They answer trouble tickets within minutes usually and their support staff are articulate and very friendly in their responses. I am not used to a support ticket being responded to almost like an instant messenger chat. I have tickets I filed with my old hosting service a week ago that have still not been answered. This site as you read it now is running at InMotionHosting. I don't think it is my imagination but the site seems much faster than it did at the old hosting service.