Friday, November 18, 2005

FEMA turns us down

You have all followed our Hurricane Wilma adventures. You know we had to relocate due to no power and no phone because the generator in the Mothership started acting up. Granted we had no physical damage but the power was out for ten days so we decided to take the Mothership up to Tampa until things got somewhat back to normal. The FEMA rep met us the minute we returned and finalized our application. I explained why we evacuated and he was very polite and helpful. We thought we might get some small compensation for having to move. Not a dire necessity, especially considering that many are much, much worse off than us. Well, we just got notified that we did not get anything because it was not a mandatory evacuation. I filed an appeal listing our own special extenuating circumstances. Faxed it to them yesterday. I doubt they will do anything but what really bothers me is that my son and his wife stayed the whole time without power, bought a generator which the shipping company fumbled in delivery so it arrived late, and they too were turned down for any money for the generator. Hmmmm, is FEMA running out of money and clamping down on payments? Last year they gave out an almost automatic small amount of money to people around here who applied. In New Orleans they tried giving out some sort of credit cards to people and now for us nothing. Are we part of a large experiment to figure this thing out? You would think that by now they would have standardised the response to provide appropriate relief to people. Maybe my view is just too narrow and they might be doing some good somewhere. Damn you optimistic spirit get back to your room and stay there.

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