Friday, December 09, 2005

Ads on this site

By now you have surely noticed the ads on this site. I got an ad account with Google and sprinkled some ads throughout the site to see if it might offset some of the expense of maintaining this web site. I have some general impressions so far. Firstly, the fact that the ads are with Google seems to prevent them from being pornographic or otherwise offensive. For that I am thankful. Secondly, the ads being content related is a great idea on Google's part. Finally, this site just does not have enough traffic to generate a significant income but the few dollars it does generate might help a bit in offsetting some of the costs of the site. For example, this site only gets a few hundred hits a week at the most. Usually it is significantly less than that. I only get ad income if the ads are clicked on. So, a fairly large percentage of visitors do not click on the ads. How much money have the ads generated for me? Well, so far about $8 dollars. Yeah, I know that is not much but when you are retired and on a fixed income you look at many ways of cutting costs and generating income. I have some ideas for some high traffic web sites that might generate more money from ads. I will be sharing those with you here as they develop but for now, please click on those ads to help pay the bills.

Also, a reminder that you can add comments at the end of each of these postings. Feel free to join in the discussions which I post. If you have an opinion please add it at the end of each of these articles. If you have ideas for improving this site please feel free to jump in and give me your two cents worth. I have gotten a few comments from friends and they have helped a lot in improving things around here. So, thanks for that feedback. Thanks again to all of you who visit this site. Let me have your suggestions and feedback.