Monday, December 05, 2005


The Mothership is docked in her home port once again. We had a smooth trip and around 4:00 pm found ourselves in Brevard County about two and half hours from home. We decided to just push on and drive the trip in one day. My piriformis muscle is protesting that decision but it feels good to be home again. I always pay when I drive more than a few hours in one day.

Interestingly we can always tell when we are within 60 miles of West Palm Beach without looking at road signs or maps. How? Drivers on the highway begin showing insane behaviors taking unbelievable risks and driving as if they have the devil chasing them. Many other people have observed this same phenomenon so it is not just our warped view of things. What on earth could cause people in a particular region to drive so insanely when in most of the other areas we have traveled they behave somewhat normally? Maybe it is the tropical sun that does something to people's brains down here. Regardless of what causes it, it is a very real phenomenon and always disturbing to encounter after being away for a while.

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