Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Web maps going head to head

As a retired geographer I am really happy to see the head to head competition between Microsoft and Google to create the best online mapping applications. I must say that the new application Microsoft has come up with is pretty impressive. I have not really learned to use all of the features yet but you can go to their site yourself and decide. Then go to and compare. I have the most experience with Google Maps at this point and love the ability to create my own applications using their program interface. It is also my understanding that Google Maps does not work that well on the set top internet boxes such as Webtv and MSNTV. I have heard, but not tested it, that the Microsoft application works better on those devices. That would make sense as Microsoft produces those TV based browsers. The bottom line is that this fight between giants to produce the best web maps can only be good for us users and for geographers it is thrilling to see this take place.


Guru said...

The sattelite imagery for the UK and US is far superior to that available in New Zealand ... I could see my landlords van parked up his driveway in the UK whereas here you struggle to make out large landmarks like parks and reseviours.

BB3 said...

Which interface did you prefer? I personally find Google Map much easier to use but then I am also a Firefox browser user. Thanks for the comment Bob. I enjoy getting feedback on this blog. It is rare. Don't forget to click on a few ads. LOL.

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