Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I recently ran across this online word processor. It is pretty nice in that it allows collaboration and access to documents anywhere on any computer. It even works on Webtv and MSNTV. Now you can have a full featured word processor on your set top box. Here is the information that I got after signing up. For more information go to Zohowriter.com.

Hello bob,

Welcome to ZohoWriter, your friendly on line word processor!

  • Create, format, & edit documents online with a powerful WYSIWIG editor
  • Access & share your documents from anywhere using just your browser
  • Lock your documents while in shared mode
  • Post to your blogs (Blogger/Typepad/LiveJournal/WordPress) from within Zoho Writer
  • Export your docs in word, pdf, sxw, odt, txt, rtf & html formats
  • Periodic auto-saving of your documents to prevent data loss
  • Spell check, tag your documents for ease of use
and do much more....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Air France 747 Landing

Here's another neat Princess Juliana Airport landing video. This time a 747.

St. Maartens Landing

This is still my favorite Google Video. The guy taking the video hits the dirt as the Air France flight passes overhead. The Princess Juliana Airport at St. Maartens in the Dutch Antilles is probably the most famous spot for plane watchers.

Back at "The Cove"

The Mothership is parked at Tranquility Cove again. We took our time and made the trip in our usual casual two day pace. See this link for a map of the last leg.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

49.9 Miles Per Gallon

Automotive News

Interesting road test by Automotive News. Jeep Commander, Chevrolet Corvette, Hona Accord Hybrid, Toyota Prius and VW Jetta TDI. Can you guess which one got the virtually 50 mpg? The hybrids? Guess again.

To read an interesting discussion thread on this topic go to this link.

For an interesting discussion of why diesels are better than hybrids go here.

The Standard - China's Business Newspaper

The Standard - China's Business Newspaper

This is an interesting article addressing trends in diagnostic medicine. Researchers are developing tools that can analyze your breath to identify disease or health problems that you might have. This combined with the research actively underway to engineer new drugs based on the human genome or DNA paints a picture of the amazing things that under development in medical science. Maybe Ray Kurzweil is on target in his book "Fantastic Voyage" in which he discusses ways to stay in good health to take advantage of these developments. By staying as healthy as possible we will prolong our lives which will allow us to benefit from these new developments.

Friday, June 09, 2006